EoM Ltd.
Curacao: +5999 650 06 72
Trinidat: +1-868 299 4140
USA: + 1-305 517 1750
E: info@eomnv.com

EOM was established 10 years ago, as a part of Dynaf Caribbean but meanwhile an independent company. First specialized in APC products and services on the ABC-islands. Since 2011, EOM Ltd is officially licensed and certified to serve clients in the whole Caribbean region.

The close cooperation with Dynaf Caribbean, established on several islands in the Caribbean, makes it easy for EOM Ltd., to provide their clients the complete service they need.

Dynaf Caribbean is located in the Caribbean on Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St Maarten, Trinidad and Suriname. Dynaf staff is available to meet you and being at your service.

What EOM Ltd stands for, already counted for Dynaf Caribbean. Continuity is the keyword.

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