EoM Ltd.
Curacao: +5999 650 06 72
Trinidat: +1-868 299 4140
USA: + 1-305 517 1750
E: info@eomnv.com

EOM Ltd, Service solutions from a trusted advisor for the Caribbean. The expertise, service and support you need for your building, your industry or datacentre, provided by EOM Ltd. EOM Ltd offers you a smart way to protect your equipment and guarantees operation at peak performance.The main office of EOM Ltd. is located in the E-zone of Curacao, centrally situated in the Caribbean.

With daily flights to all the islands within the Caribbean, the USA, South America and Europe, EOM Ltd. is able to ensure you the right technical services and assistance on very short terms. Modern remote service systems enable EOM Ltd., to ensure you the right assistance.

The EOM-staff is multi langual and familiar with as well the Caribbean, South American and European culture. The original Dutch influences, give EOM Ltd. a solid legal base and a down to earth way of doing business.

A Dutch way of thinking, with a Caribbean flair!

Please feel free to contact Edward van Heyningen by mail or phone:
+5999 650 06 72 or US +1-305 517 1750